Beautiful Balms

So what exactly is a cleansing balm? In cosmetics, there are many different types of balms. Some examples are: hand or foot balm for dry or problem skin a cleansing balm   exfoliating body balm lip balm masque balm, used as a leave on intensive treatment for face or neck or décolletage nail cuticle strengthening …

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Hibiscus Petal Power

 I’ve been meaning to write a bit about this amazing plant and beautiful flower, and to treat you with the creations of some of my lovely fellow formulators. We can make the most incredible products with hibiscus powder, (red and pink skincare is just toooo cool !! )using the dried flower, or even with fresh …

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Golden Calendula

  I simply adore calendula!! It’s name, it’s color, it’s healing effects, it’s got  soothingness  written all over it!! Known as well as pot marigold, (Inci: Calendula Officinalis )  is part of the daisy family. There are several other species of marigolds, so don’t confuse this one with others like corn, desert or marsh marigold. …

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