The making of Ayanah

Formulating natural and organic skincare has become a huge passion and part of my life , starting as my 3 kids are grown and flying off, giving me time to develop a hobby which started off by a fluke!! While travelling in Israel, a friend gave me some basic ingredients like coconut & shea butter, to make my own creams, and I naively thought why not, sounds like fun ! She convinced me it’s safer and more beneficial than store bought cosmetics.  Little did I know what I was getting into, the world of formulation, botanical research, bits of chemistry, green beauty, creating my own skincare for me and my family, well… regrets and loving every natural bit of this exciting and fascinating journey!
I am Caroline, and have been living in Bordeaux for the last 23 years, busy being a mother of 3, a professional mosaic artist , an aromatherapy massage therapist, with a few other hobbies squeezed in between . I love to travel and hunt down different botanicals from all over the world, local markets and bazaars. I am originally from Toronto, Canada. After  living in Singapore, staying in that super modern paradise for 7 years, we then moved to France to my now hometown of beautiful Bordeaux. After studying natural cosmetic science formulation for over 2 years, I am now a serious cosmetic formulator creating high end skin care products of all sorts for face, body, and hair . I give workshops where I put all my heart and energy into teaching others to create amazing, luxurious and innovative skincare formulas that are sustainable, organic, and beneficial to your skin. I offer my services as a formulator to those looking for private label formulations. I hope to create some on line courses in the future to teach those all over the world how to make their own lovely high end natural skincare for themselves .