Learn to make natural skincare in live workshops in Bordeaux

Group or Private workshops

Learn to make luxurious, plant based skincre in my group or private workshops in the Bordeaux area.  These classes offer specially designed formulas for begginners or advanced students. Come and learn to create in a fun atmosphere , where I will guide you step by step personally in skincare formulation.


Group workshops in my lab in the Bordeaux area

Learn  to make 2 or 3 natural skincare products in small groups in my personal lab , a fun way to learn with proffessional guidance and a friendly atmosphere.


Private workshops in my lab in Bordeaux area

Learn to make 2 or 3 natural skincare products in a personalised, private class. One on one training where you have my full attention and we can customize the class according to your needs.

Group workshops in your company or private home

Learn to make 2 or 3 natural skincare products as a special event for your business, or for a fun event planned in a private home.

My Goals

La Formulatrice has chosen and created these sprecially designed products just for you. These were a labour of love, each product has been tweaked to perfection over several trials and many months. They are luxurious, high end products with beautiful plant based ingredients, made so the formulas easy to follow for students of all levels. I chose ingredients that would be easily accessible, with supplier lists available to help. I am always in the lab, creating more innovative products and beautiful colorful skincare to add to those courses already available. So stay with us at Ayanah Skincare, cause lots more beauty is coming soon!!