About Ayanah Skincare

Hi!! Living the dream of being a natural & organic skincare formulator, I am also half french, half Canadian, a mom, a wanderlust kind of girl, and a mosaïste .  I am here to share facts about my favorite herbs, how to use them in skincare, as well as some recipes you can do safely, and overall my journey to wherever it takes me in the wonderful world of healthy , natural, colorful, botanical skincare.My name is Caroline Guitton, and I have been living in Bordeaux for the last 23 years, busy being a mother of 3, a professional mosaic artist for the last 15 , an aromatherapy massage therapist, with a few other hobbies squeezed in between. I love to travel and hunt down botanicals from all over the world, local markets and bazaars ; that keeps me sane!! I am originally from Toronto , Canada. After travelling Asia and then  living in Singapore,  staying in that super modern paradise for 7 years, we then moved to Bordeaux, France. Becoming a serious cosmetic formulator, well, I feel a bit witchy at times, is a never ending learning experience . Studying herbs and their uses in skincare is a part of this cosmetic formulation journey and a passionate one. Preparing high end formulation workshops is my present goal.  

I’m fascinated with nature and all it gives us. Simple flowers, seeds, fruits, nuts, can be transformed naturally into the most gorgeous as well as extremely potent skincare ingredients. Floral waters, herbal extracts, exotic butters, essential oils, fixed plant based oils, fruits & vegetables, herbal glycerites and oil macerates, are the bases of my products. Natural colorings like alkanet root, spirulina, blue chamomile, turmeric, calendula, and many more are what I work with to give my cosmetics a touch of botanical beauty. Learn to make some yourself by joining some of my workshops in Bordeaux. I am constantly researching and developing new products so follow me to see what’s new in Ayanah Skincare , and thank you simply for loving what’s natural and being here on my site !! 


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