Group Workshop Events

Come join us for a fun few hours and learn how to make natural, unique beauty products from quality, luxurious ingredients. I can teach you how to make a variety of products including balms, shampoo bars, shimmering body oils, powdered cleansers and more. Products that are safe, sustainable, and kind to you and the earth. I can teach you how to incorporate plants, flowers, herbs that you find all around you into beautiful skincare products that are stable and effective, that your skin will love.

The workshops are hands-on, and you will have a whole variety of products to take home with you along with lovely designed detailed handouts. Videos, power point presentations, and lots of explanations about the manufacturing method and all ingredients we use will be shared in the group.  We will be using a variety of dried herbs, beautiful plant oils, butters and waxes, and more. I work with ingredients that you will be able to find easily, so you can reproduce what you learn without difficulty.

Wether you are a business, a group of friends looking for a fun, convivial activity to share, or a shop looking to have some weekend activities, I can propose different workshops that are 2 or 3 hours long, catered to your specific needs. Some products will be made individually, others can be made in pairs or small groups according to their manufacturing methods. Either way this group activity will bring people with shared interests together for a fun and educational moment, with lots of laughs and a positive atmosphere.

Contact us for price & payment details for your event. Prices will vary according to travel time & number of people participating.

Group classes can  1 or 2 hours long depending on how many or type of product to be made.

Contact: chaya@ayanahskincare.com


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