Kids workshops

ANNOUNCEMENT : I am preparing some fabulous formulas for your kids!!  These will  adapted to children so they can learn how to make some fun products like their own shampoo, body wash, lip balm, or different types of cleansers. All colored with natural herbs and food powders which they can learn about and enjoy using in their own beautiful products.

Teach your children to use natural, safe and sustainable skincare, to be eco responsable,  keep them and our planet healthy and safe !

How the workshop will be organized :

○ Introduction and explanation of safety and hygiene regulations

Description of the formula to be made and ingredients used and their benefits. touch and smell various  herbs and other ingredients to be used, equipment like scales and measures and pipettes are explained

○ Explanation of the manufacturing method to be used

○ Personalized and attentive guidance for each participant, lots of interaction between all participants

○ Fun and easygoing atmosphere shared between all the students and teachers

Classes will be 1 and a half hours long, and they will each make 2 beautiful colorful products to take home.

Price :  35€

Starting from 8 years old as heating utensils will be needed for certain products.

Classes are held in my lab in Saint Loubés.

If you are interested in hosting a childrens’ workshop in your home please do not hesitate to contact me !! Prices will vary according to extra travel time and expenses.