Make your own beautiful range of natural skincare
with these online courses

Learn to make luxurious, plant based products with specially designed formulas for begginners or advanced students. These bundle packages were prepared just for you. Carefully chosen skincare products that are the newest & trendiest on the market. Luxury cosmetics that you can easily make with these easy to follow, beautifully designed DIY courses.

                                                                                           FORMULAS AVAILABLE                                                                                                                                                     Easy to follow, make your own gorgeous products with each individual course  

Cleansing Balm

Learn how to make a rose & lavender cleansing balm. A multi functional product that can be used for gentle cleansing, makeup removal, or as a deep cleansing masque.

Cleansing Balm course description

Shampoo Bar

Learn to make an herbal shampoo bar with zero waste & no packaging. Highly effective, and great for washing body as well!! Learn about oils and herbs that are best for your hair.

Shampoo bar course description

Shimmering Body Oil

Learn to make a dry, fast absorbing, nourishing body oil with delicious fruit oils like cherry and plum plus some  botanical extracts. Add shine with mica for some summer fun.

Body oil course description

Syndet Bar

Learn to make a shower bar with natural colorings. These gentle non soap-soap bars are so fun to make and very gentle on skin, making them safe for children as well.

Shower bar course description


Learn the 3 different techniques to make an herbal macerate. Use these to increase the botanical power and nutrients in your skincare products. 

macerate course description

Cleansing Powder

Learn to create beautiful plant based powdered cleansers and masques. Learn about amazing herbal powders you can use to create your own colorful and nourishing                                    blend.                               Cleansing powder course description

My Goals

La Formulatrice has chosen and created these sprecially designed products just for you. These were a labour of love, each product has been tweaked to perfection over several trials and many months. They are luxurious, high end products with beautiful plant based ingredients, made so the formulas easy to follow for students of all levels. I chose ingredients that would be easily accessible, with supplier lists available to help. I am always in the lab, creating more innovative products and beautiful colorful skincare to add to those courses already available. So stay with us at Ayanah Skincare, cause lots more beauty is coming soon!!