Private workshops

One on one classes , live in my lab in Bordeaux area direct with La Formulatrice

Come and join me for a personalized one on one natural cosmetic workshop. I am passionate about making gorgeous and unique natural skincare products. I love sharing my knowledge as a professional natural skincare formulator. I can adapt these individual workshops to your specific needs and desires. Choose the time and date which is convenient to you, and the type of products you want to learn how to make!!

Cleansing balms, shimmering body oils, solid shampoo bars, different types of cleansers, solid perfumes…… additional, exciting products are added to my list of possible creations every month. Each product is tested for several months and is safe and stable to use. I am constantly making new types of the latest beauty trends, so different options are available as soon as they are perfected and tested. This of course takes many weeks of tests so new choices are added slowly to the list.

Each class is 3 hours, with detailed explanations and beautiful paperwork you can take home. I use videos and power point presentations to explain each product, how they are made,  and all ingredients used. With questions and friendly discussion between 2 organic skincare lovers, we usually complete the class in 3 and a half hours. These workshops take place in my lab in Saint Loubés, with one on one interaction making this a unique and very personalized experience.

During the workshops you will create your own personalized beauty cosmetics using simple, natural and organic well sourced ingredients, as well as learn about each ingredients’ properties and benefits. I am right there with you to guide you and answer all your questions and supervise your manufacturing method so you will leave feeling comfortable making the same type of product yourself later on. Most ingredients are easy to find so you will be able to buy them as needed.

At the end of the session, you will leave with your own 3 DIY cosmetics, receive a formulation sheet with lots of tips in mind to reproduce all these products again at home, and several beautifully designed documentations about each product, how to use them, and information on basic ingredients like waxes, butters, essential oils, herbs that are best suited to each product.

Ayanah Skincare can’t wait to share its’ passion and knowledge… let’s get creative together!

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